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Record Store Day (RSD) 2022 is upon us! We are opening two hours early on Saturday April 23rd and are stocking hundreds of exclusive releases as well as offering 10% off all non-RSD titles in-store only on Saturday. We expect a line.

Please review this page carefully for all of our line policies and procedures.


We are opening two hours early for Record Store Day (9 AM). The line will start forming from the first person who shows up and run along the sidewalk. Please do not line up on our steps and be courteous while waiting in line. Respect our neighbors and do not block entrances to other businesses.

How to get in:

Starting at 8:30 AM, we will begin to hand out menus for our Record Store Day inventory. These are numbered and will ensure titles are actually first-come first served. A copy of the wishlist will be posted here before Record Store Day starts. Fill it out and and a member of our staff will have your wishlist ready for you when you arrive at the register. You are welcome to browse other titles in the store, all of which are 10% off on Record Store Day.

We will start letting people in at 9 AM, 5 people at a time in 3-5 minute intervals or longer. We'll play it by ear. Masks are recommended, but not required at this time.

Line Rules:

  1. No holding spaces in line. Anyone participating must physically be in line. Exceptions can be made for small self-care breaks. No chairs as placeholders (you can bring one to sit in, you just have to be with said chair). Please be neighborly if someone in line around you needs to excuse themselves or grab a coffee from our friends at Day's Coffee (opens at 6:30 AM)
  2. Please do not line up on the steps.
  3. Please be aware of your surroundings.
  4. When we are ready, overcrowding the front or being rude will get you kicked out of the line. So will being rude to a member of our staff. This is supposed to be fun. Being rude or rushing to the front will not increase the likelihood of you getting the record you're looking for.
  5. 1 per title per person for RSD titles. No more than 5 titles total each trip through the line. If you want more, you are welcome to get back in line after you check out.
  6. Please leave titles for the fans. Anyone discussing flipping, reselling, etc. will be asked to leave.
  7. Once the line breaks, we will put remaining releases on the floor for regular shopping.
  8. No holds for special RSD releases.

Taylor Swift - 7" Single for The Lakes

We received A LOT of demand for this title. More than we have. This is the case everywhere around the country. We have 11 copies for sale and they are strictly first-come, first-served for Record Store Day.

We also have a handful of copies of Taylor Swift's Debut album as well as free Taylor Swift ambassador buttons (simply ask a member of our staff for one, they will not be laid out).


We are partnering with Crosley to giveaway a C100BT Turntable, a S200 speaker set, and a $50 gift card to Cardinal Record Co. The value of this giveaway is more than $450. No purchase is necessary to enter. You just have to sign up in-person at the store on Record Store Day with a member of our staff. More details below.

We also have Record Store Day posters, gift bags, and more available for free with the purchase of any RSD title as well as Cardinal Record Co. tote bags while supplies last.

Other Deals + Titles

All vinyl that is not a RSD release will be 10% off at the register. This includes used vinyl.

We reserved additional stock of Doja Cat - Hot Pink, Marina - Electra Heart, Dua Lipa - Dua Lipa, and Taylor Swift's Debut album just for Record Store Day.

Online sales:

Online sales for Record Store Day titles will start on Monday, April 25th at 8:00 AM ET.