Do you see an item that is out of stock, but want to know as soon as it is back in stock? Use the Back in Stock Button!

We have set up Stock Notification emails for every single item on the site. Here, you can get notified when an item first becomes available (we usually list an item when we know it's coming, but before the stock is in) or when an item comes into stock again after selling out. We add new stock more than once a week / inventory changes all of the time. This is the single best way to know when an item you're hunting for is back in stock.


  1. Search the website! You may see two listings for the same record. This is because we service orders out of two locations and one location may have stock that the other one doesn't. If you're in the United States, you can order either version. If you're an international shopper, stock may be limited. 
  2. Click "Notify Me When Available" and enter in your email address. Please note, this ONLY subscribes you to back in stock notifications. It does NOT sign you up for our regular emails (although you may get special deals on our regular email list you would otherwise miss out on).
    1. If there's more than one variant, make sure you click the button on BOTH versions of the product.
  3. Wait until it's back in stock. This is an automated alert. As soon as we restock at a given distribution location, you'll receive the alert for the product you selected. ACT FAST. Some restocks are very limited.


  • There is no queue. In order to ensure an even playing field, we may stock at random times with no advance notice. When an item is restocked, an email is sent to everyone on the notification list at once, regardless of how many we stocked.
  • If you miss a restock, which can happen on more popular items, sign up for the notifications again. Once you receive an in-stock alert, you are removed from the stock list.
  • Sign up for items on the Preview page. These are items that we have not stocked yet, but may be soon. This is your best way to get an alert on new drops as soon as they happen.