Cardinal Record Co. is moving to a new Louisville store soon!

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The Cardinal Record Co. brick and mortar store is moving down the street to a bigger location that is more than 3x the current space!

If you've been inside of the Cardinal Record Co. storefront in recent weeks, you may have noticed it has become a little tight. As we have experienced explosive growth, we have expanded our inventory, added new members to our staff, and have simply run out of space. We recently signed a lease on a new space just 2 minutes down the street.

When are you moving?

The current plan is to move at the end of May! We've been working on this in secret for a while and are finally almost ready to open it up to the public. The tentative date to soft open the new store is Wednesday, May 25th, plenty of time to prepare for RSD Drop #2 on June 18th!

We will be closed on Monday, May 23rd and Tuesday, May 24th to complete the move but open like normal on Wednesday, May 25th.

We are going to soft-open during the week while we get the new store setup. Please come say hi! We'll post more updates on our social media and here. Our full-scale grand opening for the new location will be on June 18th for RSD Drops 2. We will operate the store as usual out of the new location between May 25 and June 18.

Why are you moving?

We simply ran out of space. We had no idea when we opened a year ago that we would explode as fast as we did. Every single month has been exponentially better than the last. As we move forward, we want to continue to expand our inventory, our team, and host events. As it stands, we have hundreds of used records that we have not put out yet, we have to cap inventory orders, and more simply because we don't have the space.

Our current storefront only uses about 600 square feet of retail space (the rest is backroom/shipping). The new space is more than 3000 total square feet.

Moving will allow us to continue to grow to support our mission.

Where exactly is the new location?

962 Baxter Avenue Suite 2C! It's just above the El Nopal (across from the Wicks on Bardstown Road). Once the sign goes up on May 12, you won't be able to miss it! This is conveniently located next to more stuff on Bardstown Road (including the Starbucks, Taco Luchador, and Wick's Pizza) and the local post office.

When you come into the new building (the Baxter Center), simply walk up the stairs and come on in!

Where will I park?

You can park anywhere on Bardstown Road like you normally would. Directly next to us is the giant Walgreens/Starbucks parking lot and we are surrounded by a ton of street parking.

Any other changes we should know about?

No! Just a lot to be excited about. We have a ton more used inventory to put out, a lot of exciting releases coming this Summer, and more space to operate a full-scale Record Store Day for the RSD Drops on June 18 and then again for Black Friday this year!